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We at Garage Door repair Broomfield strives to provide you unmatchable professional repair services. Garage doors are pretty reliable as they keep your equipments safe. But over the years it requires repairing due to its wearing down owing to weather and many other factors.

Our representative will visit you and carry out a quick analysis to determine the source of problem and repair your garage door after duly consulting you. Here are some of the problems which can hamper the working of your garage door.

Difficulty in Opening and Closing: It is possible that either it has become so heavy to open or shut the garage door. There is also a possibility that it doesn’t close or open properly and only partially opens or closes. Thus it becomes difficult to handle it smoothly on daily basis.

Noisy: Your garage door may have turned noisy. When you use to open or shut it makes a loud grinding noise which is irritating to your neighbors as well! This shows that your door needs an efficient repairing and greasing as well.

Non-functioning Lock: The security system is the essence of any garage door. If the lock is not functioning and it is possible to open the door of garage manually without using the opener or the security pad then it is high time to get alert. Broomfield Garage door Repair shall either repair the lock if it is repairable or will recommend you the new one.

Motor runs but garage door doesn’t open: It happens when the motor is not able to pick up the load and thus it is unable to lift the garage door. If it is not repaired timely then it will render the motor useless as it is not getting responded to.

Tune up and Maintenance: Every garage door is made up of many components. These independent moving parts need a regular maintenance service to keep them operational for long. Broomfield Garage door Repair also performs these periodic tune ups and maintenance to keep the independent moving parts healthy.

Why choose us?

Garage Door Repair Broomfield is locally owned and operated with its number of locations across the country. Therefore we are easily accessible and trustable. Our full team is an epitome of expertise and has been practically exposed to all the issues relation to Garage door Repair in Broomfield. We have professionals who are highly trained and skilled with the required knowledge to perform the repairing work on all types of makes and models. We believe in quality and that is why we provide the innovative and highest quality products for all the areas of operation. We recommend repairing or replacing of residential or commercial garage doors based on its usage and probability of getting repaired successfully.

Our team is efficient in performing everything from tune ups to complex repairs and replacement at a very nominal cost. So it may be a motor issue or spring or cables or the rollers may have got off track, Garage Door Repair in Broomfield is one spot for all your door repairing issues.

Just a wrong decision of choosing cheap garage door service for your house will lead to waste enough amount of your hard earned money. It is good to make enough searches prior to hiring a garage door expert for your house because this portion is counted as essential part of your house safety. Although there are so many service providers in the Holladay city but you must always hire the one that offers highly skilled workforce for this task. Sometimes people take this repair as easy as they call some laymen to fix the problem or try it themselves with improper tools. This task actually leads to major loss and you have to spend more money in future. Garage door repair Broomfield is here to provide you maintenance, replacement as well as installation services this critical portion of your house. 

What are the different types of garage doors

Thinking of owning a new car? You must need a new garage then! If you are planning for a garage, you definitely need to have some information for garage doors. Are you thinking, what to know about garage doors?
After all, they are all simple doors. Well, the garage door is actually very essential part of your garage. It gives protection to your car from outside invaders; both human and dust or dirt. Types of garage doors There are varied types of garage doors depending on their material or style. They can be classified as- On the basis of material Depending on the material they are made up of, garage doors can be classified as-
  • Wooden door
  • Steel door
  • Aluminium door
  • Fiberglass door
On the basis of style The garage door can be classified accordingly on the basis of their style. They are-
  • Canopy up and over- It is a common type of garage door used in almost every house. As about one third of the door project outside the frame forming a canopy; it is called canopy style. It is easy for installation also
  • Rectangle up and over- It is another popular style of garage door, used by many individual. It does not involve any cable system. The movement of the door is controlled by a side lever
  • Rectangle plus up and over- It is same as rectangle up and over; only the liftingarm is placed on top of the door panel
  • Sectional door- In this style of garage door the whole door is divided intosections. So you don’t need to open the whole door at a time. Instead, you haveto fold the door in section. It saves space of your garage
  • Roller door- Here you have to roll the door up. It is mainly made up of aluminium sheet
  • Round the corner door- It is the ancient form of garage door. Mainly made up of wood. Here the door is opened, and slides back to the wall
  • Side hinged door- Here the door is hinged on a steel or timber frame. They are also very common among people Cost of garage doors, according to their raw material Cost of garage doors varies according to their raw material. Listed below are the rough estimate for different raw materials.
  • Wooden doors- Average cost of wooden door may range between 190 doll ars to
  • 215 dollars. Although it looks beautiful, but you have to invest quite good amount of money for its maintenance
  • Steel doors- Average cost of steel door is 135 dollars to 155 dollars. They are durable and can stand severe weather condition. But steel door is susceptible to rust
  • Aluminium doors- Average cost of aluminium doors varies from 176 dollars to 200 dollars. They are light, durable and not susceptible to rust.
  • But the repairing cost is little higher than other raw materials
  • Fiberglass doors- Average cost of fiberglass doors ranges between 148 dollars to 165 dollars. It is a great choice for your garage. They are durable, weather resistant, heat insulator. And the most important of all, the repair cost is also very low. That is, it very easy to maintain.